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November 2, 2006: Dining Tips for a Changing Food World
If you think the airline business is changing fast, just cast your eye at the restaurant trade. In a world where Joel Robuchon is opening restaurants faster than McDonald's and Las Vegas is the new world center of haute cuisine, I hope you'll find these dining tips in New York, Washington, Hawaii and Italy of use.

September 15, 2005: Food for Thought on Hotel Dining
The more attention hotels lavish on their food and beverage operations, however, the more unhappy business travelers seem with their in-house dining. But partially by kismet and partially by savvy thinking, F.O Mann has found a few hotels around the world do offer intriguing and satisfying (not to mention delicious) on-site dining options. She's not suggesting that the dining should influence where you stay in these cities, but it sure is, um, food for thought…

March 4, 2004: The Lowdown on Low-Carb Dining
Chances are you're watching your carbohydrate intake these days. The travel industry has noticed, says Joel Ann Rea. Hotels and restaurant chains are weighing in with low-carb menu options. But how do you navigate a menu that's not designed with low-carb eating in mind? Rea, a former carbohydrate queen, offers some low-carb how-tos.

November 20, 2003: Food That Follows You Home
Food obviously gives you a taste of the locale you're visiting. When it follows you home after a business trip, food also becomes an ideal holiday gift. Here's Joel Ann Rea's highly selective list of regional fare for unique and delicious road warrior gift-giving. There is absolutely no fruitcake on this list, but, 'tis the season, so there are no apologies for the preponderance of smoked meats, sugar or carbs.

November 6, 2003: Hotel Dining: Afterthought to Ultra-Hot
Ten years ago, where did you most not want to wine and dine clients while you traveled? Fast forward to today: Where are some of the hottest dining spots in your city du jour? If you answered "hotel restaurants" to both, you've spotted the growing trend. Joel Ann Rea has the lowdown on some of the nation's highest-rated hotel dining rooms.

August 7, 2003: The On-the-Road Dining A-List
When you're entertaining on the road, you need a restaurant that delivers it all: comfortable ambience, attentive service and outstanding food and drink. Joel Ann Rea has developed a list of proven performers in top business cities. Not surprisingly, these places also have remarkable staying power, remaining praiseworthy as other hot spots come and go.

May 7, 2003: Your Choices for the Best At-the-Airport Dining
Road-food columnist Joel Ann Rea asked where you eat at the airport. You overwhelmingly rejected chain options, preferring instead to find and patronize the local dining needles in the airport fast-food haystacks. Another thing you prefer: finding more extensive restaurant choices in airport hotels. Here are your best tips and the names of your favorite places.

February 12, 2003: Where to Eat at the Airport Now
Now that we spend more and more time in airports prior to boarding flights that are virtually food-free, finding good food on the departure concourse is vital. Eat @ Joe's food maven, Joel Ann Rea, covers four airports deemed best-of-class for dining. She also has a list of frequent-flyer-friendly dining spots at a dozen more airports.

January 30, 2003: New Year, New Column
Saturday is Chinese New Year, the ancient lunar holiday that is celebrated with time-honored rituals, special foods and festive banquets meant to instill good fortune for the year ahead. How appropriate, then, that Joel Ann Rea debuts Eat @ Joe's, a new column about food on the road, on the eve of 4701, The Year of the Black Sheep.

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